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Creative. Odd. and totally Insane. We are Storytellers!


What is Creators?

Creative. Odd. and totally Insane. We are a community of Storytellers!

Storytelling is a crazy fun field to be in. But, as we know, being a storyteller is not a solo job, nor should it be. We are designed to work together, to need community. There are others out there that we can help and that can help us. Thus, here we are.

This is a place for us to create, together.

P.S. Just to get this out of the way, the Network is literally here for Creators. It's free, it's open, and every part of it has been designed to help creators (like you) continue to awe the world with the power of stories. As a Creator, we want you to get value from being here because after all, this place was built for that.

What is This?

"Creators" is an IMDb style database with a fun social media twist. Although the database side of "Creators" is opened to the public (so anyone can see a creator's work), "Creators" is the part of the "Storytellers" system that was designed for the industry professionals (a.k.a the people who create stuff) as a way to network and share, it's not really for the fans.

"Creators" is made up of two main parts: The Database and The Network (P.S. you're on the Network right now).

The Database:
The best way to describe the Database is to say that it is primarily IMDb... if IMDb had woke up one morning as a buff bodybuilder (probably with a Russian accent...becuase that's cool) and started giving out free hugs.

The Database is where your "Creator's Pages" will live. Which is much like an IMDb profile except instead of just being a list of projects you have worked on, "Creator's Pages" are meant to function primarily as an online portfolio/résumé that can be used to get you jobs and funds from investors. So, they are way more customizable, allowing you to do things like: add unlimited photos, videos, and audio files, as well as giving you the ability to write descriptive paragraphs about what you did on every "credit" you have listed on your profile. "Creator's Pages" can also be set up to sync with CFDb, Backstage, Cast It, and even IMDb itself (as well as a few more we still working on) so that everything you put on your "Creator's Page" is also listed in those places as well.

We have also built in some crazy cool search tools so that people looking for crew members, talent, artist, or any other kind of storytellers can easily search the Database to find those people.

And that is the Database part of "Creators." Oh, yeah... and we hope the whole Russian bodybuilder thing wasn't too confusing.

The Network:
Personally, the Network (which is where you are now) is what we all like to think makes "Creators" so cool.

So, the network is like a custom privet Facebook just for creators. However, there is one underlining difference between Facebook and The Network, where Facebook is more profile centered, the Network is more focused on Groups.

So, instead of posting things on your profile page as you do on Facebook, in the Network you do not post on your profile, but instead, you post in groups that are organized by topics (i.e., Composers, Writers, Cartoonists, etc.) This focus on groups vs. profiles was chosen because the purpose of the Network is to give creators their own place to meet each other, communicate, and share ideas with like-minded people. Putting people together with groups, vs. isolating them to profiles seemed to make more sense in shooting for this goal. You will still have a profile though that syncs with your "Creator's Page," so, don't panic.

Now, unlike the Database, the Network is not opened to the public. You must have a user login to access it. This is done to keep the Network exclusive to creators so that they have a place to network with themselves. "Fans" is the part of the "Storytellers" system made for creators to interact with the public (check it out here). "Creators" (which is made up of the Database and the Network) was made for creators to share and work with each other and not have to worry about the fans and public interfering.

So, in a nutshell, the Network is a place for creative people to meet and work together on creating some awesome stuff.

And that is the "Creators" part of the "Storytellers" system.

Hope to see you inside...